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Sparketh's $1000 Art Giveaway

Join the Sparketh Community waitlist and you can win up to $500 for art supplies!

  1. Follow @sparketh on TikTok.
  2. Request to join the Sparketh Community Waitlist
  3. Share the giveaway with some of your artist friends.
  4. Wait until we launch the community and see who wins!

About Us

We're a global community of creative kids, inspired teens, and friendly families. We love to share art and talk about all things that are creative. If you want to share your newest creation or need a new creative challenge to work on, we're the group for you.

Why You Should Join Us

Number one, it's free. There are no fees to join the Sparketh Community. Number two, we're growing a group of kids and teens that love art just like you. Number three, we're always trying new things, sharing new ideas, and challenging each other to level up in our craft. Oh yeah, and I did I forget to mention, it's free!

A Big Thanks

Thank you to all the creatives that join the Sparketh community. We appreciate your support and dedication to all things creative. With your help we hope to create the number one art community for kids and teens around the world to foster their creativity. We create better when we work together. Thank you!